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>> Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I read a lot of travel stuff. A lot. And while I am noticing a change in travel I am not necessarily noticing a decrease. People are still planning getaways for the summer, they just aren’t going as far away or for as long.

One of my favorite “easy” city getaways is Chicago. It’s only a 45 minute flight from here and there are hundreds of things to do in Chicago.

If it’s your first time in Chicago their Hop On Hop Off Trolley Tours are wonderful! I love having the freedom of taking my time at a site (or shop) and knowing I’m not going to miss anything.

And you can’t visit Chicago without going to “the lake”. That would be Lake Michigan. A bike ride along the lake is a wonderful way to spend your morning. Be sure to stop at Navy Pier and enjoy the amusements.

One of my favorite memories of Chicago is a dinner Doug & I had at Lawry’s The Prime Rib. Yes, the season salt Lawry’s. Delish. I recommend dinner but if you’re watching your pennies go for lunch. Same great food, it just costs less.

If Chicago isn't close to you check out Trusted Tours & Attractions online travel guides for other ideas.

They can set you up with great offerings from Madame Tussard's in Las Vegas to the Metropolitan museum of art in New York.

And if you're planning your next vacation- or just dreaming of one- be sure to sign up for Trusted Tours & Attractions newsletter- you could win a hand held GPS.


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