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Roam If You Want To

>> Thursday, June 12, 2008

I was invited the other day to be a part of the new IowaMoms.com. Of course I said yes! Who doesn't want to be included in something fun that will (hopefully) become a big happy Iowa meeting place. There are lots of ideas floating around for what it will have and become and I want everyone to check it out and watch it develop. Even if you aren't from Iowa!

Don't be surprised if you see me sending you over there for fun stuff... I think it's going to be great (because I've seen who is invited to take part!)

Today I shared a bit about how we are trying to beat our cabin fever. If you're in Iowa you know how messy it is outside- and if you're not in Iowa you've seen how messy it is here on the news.

So take a gander at the photo below and then visit my post about Hours of Indoor Fun over at IowaMoms.com. And be sure to bookmark it- or subscribe to the feed. It's gonna be good!

2008-06-09 006


The Fritz Facts 9:02 AM  

We have one of those houses, just no where to put it, but it is fun!

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