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>> Sunday, June 15, 2008

Doug and I have a very good marriage. We understand each other pretty well and we aren’t afraid to say something when we have a problem. But our marriage isn’t perfect… It takes a lot of work and there are definitely areas that could use a bit more of our attention. Yeah, that area…

But just because we don’t have marriage problems doesn’t mean we don’t work to prevent them. I take tips on happy marriages from everyplace I can: books, other couples and even websites like LightYourFire.com.

Marriage is never what you dream it will be- quite often it’s better! But you have to work at it to make it work. What's your best tip for a happy marriage?


The Fritz Facts 9:12 PM  

Talking is the key. Hubby and I take time every day to just sit and talk, about random things, or anything that is going on. It keeps the lines open, and reminds us that we are there for each other.

red fish 9:28 AM  

If "that area" means "that area" I like this website.

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