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Stupidest Headline Ever

>> Friday, June 06, 2008

World Environment Day calls for end to CO2 addiction

Err, what? I rather like breathing. I also like eating all those carbon based life forms like grapes, apples, and grilled veggies (mmm, with steak on the other half of the plate). I'm sure those plants don't want to end their CO2 addition either, considering that they require it to live. And didn't I see somewhere that one volcano in Chili has pumped out more greenhouse gasses in a few weeks than all of human kind in all of recorded history? I also like wearing carbon, like cotton and leather. Then there's that carbon that falls all over the floor when I get a haircut. Well, you get the idea. What do you think topsoil is composed (or should I say composted) of?

Brought to you by the UN, of course. Though, our Senate is trying to be equally moronic.

For a brief dose of facts and reality, of which the UN and Congress seem to have in short supply, see Watts Up With That.


Doug H 10:44 PM  

I also like those fizzy carbonated beverages!

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