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Really, It's Not That Important

>> Wednesday, June 11, 2008

We had our second FPU class tonight. During the discussion time we were asked about our budgets and what was important on them.

While I didn't share what was important I did share what wasn't: cable. When I said that we were having it disconnected there was an audible gasp in the room. Our leader asked about it, as he works with Doug and has (probably) a decent idea of what Doug makes, because, as he put it,$70 per month really isn't that much.

And, honestly, it's not. But that extra $70 per month will help get us out of debt just that much faster. And I don'tknow about you, but I'd rather get out of debt and have my cash vacation than sit on my butt and watch a show that I will forget about before it's over...


Heidi @ Trendy Dollar 10:16 PM  

Personally I think that is a lot for cable! We still have ours and pay way less than that.

I've cancelled things far less than that in order to get out of debt - Netflix, extra charges on home phone bill and cell phone bills, etc. It all adds up and will help you get out of debt so much faster. Good for you guys!

Jennifer 8:11 AM  

I agree... however I don't think I could give up my cable internet!

Tamara B 8:40 AM  

way to go J. It frustrates me when people think that they know how you should live your life based on your income. As the wife of a someone that has "dr." in front of his name, we run into that all too often. I was just talking to my sister yesterday and she has way more "stuff", way less income and way more debt!

orneryswife 11:49 AM  

Well, good for you! We have never had cable, or any other TV hook up for that matter. We do have cable internet, but no land phone line, so we are pretty lean.

FPU is great. We have knocked out a little over $10,000 in debt since we started the class in January of this year. We have slowed way down, but we are gearing up for a family reunion that is taking our cash. At least we won't have to charge it!

The biggest lifestyle change we made was when our second vehicle's lease was up in May, we turned it in and didn't get another second car. We are going to wait until we can pay cash. I think God really blesses each of those little steps and we reap great rewards. So, don't listen to the nay sayers!

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