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Finding More Money

>> Friday, June 13, 2008

So… Doug and I are trying to work Dave’s plan. We’ve made our budget and are now looking to see where we can make cuts. One thing that has gotten out of control is our cell phone bill. I’m not sure how, but our bill has been steadily climbing. I can see where the money is going but I’m not sure why.

Right now we are on a family plan but that could change if I can find a better deal separately so I am, of course, looking online for the best deals. I found a site called BestInCellPhones.com. They have all the deals from all the companies so you can find the best fit for you- whether it be pink cell phones or the coolest new smart phone. (I'm also interested in finding free wireless internet cards but I figure that can wait until I get the phone thing figured out.)

OK, anyway, I'm checking out all the options, from free T-Mobile cell phones to the Sprint Instinct by Samsung and, of course,checking out what new phones are on the horizon. Not that I'll get one.

Right now I'm all about the best deal. I want my phone to do just a couple of things: make phone calls (duh), allow me to text Doug (most of the time it's easier than talking to him, especially when he's busy) and I would really love a scheduler that will sync with Outlook so I can have my schedule with me all the time. I don't need an MP3 player or internet, a navigation system or a restaurant guide.

Anyone have a phone they love? Or a provider that doesn't annoy you on a daily basis?


lila 10:15 AM  

I maybe one of the few that likes verizon.
They worked with me to create a plan that fits my needs.

My phone is a Nokia--I have been through several other brands and I am convinced Nokia is the best.

Just my 2 cents

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