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A Flood of Cars & Trucks

>> Friday, June 13, 2008

Insurance is just one of those things you can’t be without. I can watch the news and see hundreds of cars and trucks damaged beyond repair in the floods we are having. In fact, my brother was out for over a week around Parkersburg (he’s a lineman) after the first batch of rains and storms came through. The parking lot his truck was parked in flooded. His truck has been declared “totaled”. That was before the news people began using the “Flood of ‘08” tag every time they spoke of the weather.

Helpful tip: Don’t buy any used cars or trucks from the Midwest!

Another tip: Make sure your vehicle is properly insured. Sure, you don’t really care if someone hits you (unless they don’t have insurance… or they don’t have enough insurance… OK, you care a lot if someone hits you…) but what if something else happens? You should have enough insurance to replace your vehicle- or enough coverage to pay off the loan if you get totaled.

Autonet insurance guarantees the lowest rates for car, truck and Van Insurance out there – with a 48 hour guarantee: if you find a lower price in 48 hours they will refund your money.

OK, after popping around their site I see that they also do pet insurance. Definitely something I’ll be getting on our next pet (especially I want another big dog. They can get spendy.)


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