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If You Enjoy Historical Fiction

>> Sunday, June 22, 2008

When I read for pleasure it tends to be history or a novel. I absolutely love it when the two are combined in a really well researched historical fiction. One of my favorite authors is Philippa Gregory. The amount of research is evident in her stories.

I completely enjoyed "The Other Boelyn Girl" when I read it a couple of years ago. Because I am a history freak I knew about Mary Boelyn, the fact that she had been a mistress of King Henry VIII and had borne two children (one a son- who survived to later aid his daughter Queen Elizabeth) to him.

Because I enjoyed the book so much the movie of the same name and loosely based upon the book made it's way to my house this weekend via Netflix. Let me say that,overall, I enjoyed the movie. The costuming was magnificent and the storyline wasn't too far fetched.

Unfortunately the timelines were all shortened and the children's ages didn't really match up with proper time lines. But if you aren't a history nerd like me you won't notice it. It's definately a movie worth seeing. Just don't expect your husband to sit through it with you. ***

***Three strikes on the "not a man movie" scale:

  1. It takes place in Tudor England.
  2. Historical Romance
  3. British accents


The Fritz Facts 7:26 AM  

That one is on my que for Netflix. I can't wait to see it. The book was wonderful!!

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