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I'm Hittin' the Road,I'm Off to See the World

>> Thursday, June 26, 2008

One of the dreams Doug and I have is to buy an RV and spend time touring the US. It’s something we discuss a lot and we really hope to be in a position, financially, to do it within the next 5 years. We talk about having it set up so Doug could work when he needed to and I could write about our trip. And when we retire we talk about just keeping a small place to call home but spending as much time as we can traveling.

Yes, it’s a pretty lofty goal but I think we can achieve it. Especially if we start small- like a Class C (on a van chassis so I don’t have to get a different driver’s license!). There are some really great deals if you buy RVs and Motorhomes used (yes, we’ve looked… many times) and if we really liked it we could upgrade when the girls moved out. You know… Spend their inheritance.


The Fritz Facts 4:07 PM  

We bought a camper. And starting small is what we did. We got a pop-up and it works great for our needs. We don't go far, and don't need much. As we save, we will sell ours, and upgrade in a couple years. Our goal is a hard side RV, but that is about 10 years off I think as I want to pay cash!

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