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Money Saving Tips for Car Rentals

>> Monday, June 23, 2008

Wow, this budget thing we’re doing really makes you look at how you spend your money. It’s almost painful

Especially when it comes to “extra” things- like vacations. Obviously vacations aren’t a necessity in life. I don’t recall vacationing as a child except one trip to the Black Hills. It just wasn’t a priority.

Which is why I am probably such a travel freak now. I love to go, I love to experience, I love to do…

And now I am digging to find a way to travel on a budget. Kind of tricky with the prices of everything heading up and the treasury printing money (which makes it’s value go down).

One way I save money is to do a lot of research on my car rental. I’ve recently bookmarked ArgusCarHire.com, a company that searches car rental suppliers and finds the best price for you. They handle vehicles worldwide, offer collision damage waivers (which you need to get if you are driving in a foreign country) and you can pay in US dollars online and in advance (definitely a money saver!).

So whether you want an exotic sports car in Italy or cheap car hire in Spain let Argus Car Hire handle the search for you.

And another tip for saving money on car rental: if you can rent from someplace that isn’t an airport you’ll save a bit. This is especially easy to do in large cities with great public transport (London, Dublin, Paris, Rome, etc.).


Chris, Renae & Annie 4:16 PM  

Jodi - do they search for rentals in the US too? Might need to check them out.

Jody 4:31 PM  

Yes, they do. Worldwide. It's a really easy website to use, too.

Anonymous 9:18 PM  

To be honest, your dad didn't like to travel unless it was a family visit. We went to Colorado to the Rockies and to Pikes Peak but you and Jen were both very small, and then to the Black Hills. Otherwise, we did family stuff. Still want to go back to Alaska, Carlsbad Caverns, have yet to see the Grand Canyon except where it actually begins in the Rockies at Royal Gorge, back to the Black Hills and the red hills of Utah are beautiful too. Lots to see and do. Mom

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