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Anyone Else Thinking What I'm Thinking?

>> Sunday, June 29, 2008

While I was overjoyed to see that the Supreme Court is actually following the Bill of Rights instead of trying to decide how they interpret it (by overturning the DC gun ban) I'm just wondering... Has anyone else had the conversation Doug & I had today in the car:

Me: "So, I'm really impressed that the Supreme Court overturned the DC gun ban and I know that I told you (many times) that I don't ever want a gun in the house but... I'm thinking that if Obama gets elected that we should probably get a couple of guns."

Doug: "OK."

Me: "I'm thinking a couple of handguns and a shot gun. You know, just in case you have to go out and kill some food."

Doug: "Highly probable."

Me: "And the best childproof gun cabinet we can get."

Doug: "Of course."

Me: "And then we'll have to make sure the girls have gun safety when they are older."

Doug: "Always a good idea."

Me: "You know, maybe we should do that before the election. Just in case."

Doug: "Just in case other people have the same idea and there is a run on guns?"

Me: "Exactly."


Fantastagirl 11:24 AM  

Gun safety is a great idea! And just a note - don't be too frugal on the gun safe.

red fish 8:43 PM  

I remember having a very similar conversation awhile ago starting "If Al Gore gets elected..."

Sally 9:26 PM  

I LOVE how you think! Hubby has volunteered his name for anyone who wants to write him in. =)

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