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How Long Does Wicker Last, Anyway?

>> Monday, June 23, 2008

Right now I am sitting outside on some very old wicker furniture while the girls splash around in their wading pool. How old is the furniture? Well… I don’t rightly know as Doug had it when we were married. I don’t think wicker furniture is made to stand up to Iowa’s outdoor elements for 5+ years. Or has it far exceeded it’s lifespan? I really don’t know. What I do know is that we will be lucky if one of the chairs survives this summer.

I’ve been perusing new Outdoor Living Sets online for a while. I want something comfortable- maybe even a lounge chair- that I can relax in with my laptop. Because you know I have to do something while the girls play. When we do purchase Outdoor Furniture again I want some high quality stuff that can stand some rain and sun without breaking down in a few years.

I’ve found a website, BuyOutdoorFurnitureOnline.com, that I keep going back to. I really like a 4 piece teak set they have. It’s spendy (as teak always is) but they have free shipping (which is a significant savings in itself).

Of course we are not in the position to afford such things right now but I can plan to save for it next year. Maybe by then I can get one of their beautiful Patio Dining Sets , too.


Melissa 4:59 PM  

Oh I love patio furniture... always sooo relaxing lookign :)

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