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Pretty It Up a Bit

>> Saturday, June 21, 2008

I was looking at my page numbers the other day and saw that Google knocked me down from a page rank of 4 to a 3. Ouch! For a blogger who makes a bit of income from her writing that is a pretty big hit to the pocketbook.

So I was doing some reading on hints to keep your blog “fresh” and one of the tips was to change up the template. And then I realized that, other than changing from a two to three column, the look of Iowa Geek has not changed since Doug started it when I was pregnant with Brenna! Yikes!

So I got online today and began browsing templates. I have an idea of what I want, which I’m sure I won’t just find; it will have to be custom designed. But you know me… I’m frugal cheap. But I found some amazing free wordpress templates. You gotta love free. If you use Wordpress go check them out. They have quick stats so you can see what you're getting and an easy download button. (Be sure to save your old template first- just in case!)

If someone uses the Rainbow Garden theme please let me know. It’s incredible. I can’t use it because it just isn’t geeky. Oh, and it’s too "girly" for Doug. Fun-hater.


The Fritz Facts 7:40 PM  

That one is wonderful! To bad you can't use it. Good luck on the hunt!!

Fantastagirl 10:59 PM  

I hope you find what you are looking for! I wonder if the page rank is lower because more and more people use a reader?

Unknown 4:35 PM  

I have no idea what that means. (except for the pocketbook part--totally get that!)

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