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Happy Father's Day!

>> Sunday, June 15, 2008

I'm afraid it hasn't been a very relaxing Father's Day for Doug...

Caelan woke up crabby and whining and the nursery at church was short workers so he had to corrall other people's crying kids, too. Luckily he was ableto escape... I had to stay.

Then the girls were not listening at the grocery store and I was getting a bit tense. He sat with them in the restaurant and ate while I shopped.

His day hasn't been all bad, though He got a really great hammock to hang under the deck in the back yard for relaxing (probably not alone- lol) and a framed montage of photos of Caelan to match the set I had made for him when Brenna was the same age.

Now he is sitting at his computer playing some sort of strategy game and amusing the girls as they color Dora pictures. I have to go upstairs momentarily to make some Super Easy Bean Dip and frost fudgy chocolate cake for our family gathering in- UGH!- less than an hour!!


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