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What Do Your Endorsements Say About You?

>> Monday, June 23, 2008

Ok, so most of us won't have to worry so much about being endorsed for much more than a spot on a mud volleyball team (and that may only come because frienemies want to see you sputtering mud) but what does it say to you that Obama has received the endorsement of Kim Jong Il, as reported by OneFreeKorea (with the original Korean translated).

This coming, of course, after Hamas endorsed Obama (which they then rescinded) as did Libya's Qaddafi (there is a link to the video here).

While I'm sure that these are not endorsements the senator from Illinois is proud of (or even accepts) doesn't it make you stop and think "Why would tyrants such as these want this man as leader of the most powerful nation on earth?"

If you really stop to consider it the answers should scare you.


Anonymous 10:37 PM  

This man scares the heck out of me. I can't believe all the voters that are drinking his Kool-aid, especially the younger, college types. Holy Moly, did you see The O'Reilly Factor last night where he interviewed the 2 college students supporting Obama??? Makes me want to send them one way tickets to Cuba...or maybe Venezuela.

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