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On With The Work

>> Saturday, June 21, 2008

Poor Doug. He called last night after being on the Ozark land for about half an hour to tell me that they were leaving. It seems that some washed out (we hadn't heard that there was a problem there) and he was also attacked by ticks. In the half hour they were there he pulled off 36. It was enough to freak him out. Not sure what his plans are- I'm going to assume he'll head home but who knows. Maybe they will find a campground for one night...

I snuggled down last night with Mike ('s Lite Hard Berry) and settled in to watch The Holiday. I'm assuming grandma wore the girls out as I didn't hear a peep from them last night.

And now it's time to do the second step of my three step floor cleaning process. The first step was

Let me just say if you have wood floors this stuff cleans all kinds of gunk off. My kitchen floor is very abused. I'm not even sure the people who lived here last ever care for it correctly. It definately needs a sanding and refinishing. Unfortunately I don't have the time or money to have it done right now. But this stuff cleaned so well. Even before I get to the polishing they look amazing.

Next step- rinse with water. The cleaner does leave a bit of tackiness and that has to be off beofre using
No, I don't know why Doug picked up two different brands when I asked him for wood floor stuff. Maybe the Home Depot guys recommended them? No matter... We'll see how it works out.


After the wood is completely dry.

My scrapping tonight got cancelled as only 3 people signed up. Not to worry- I'll go sit in their workroom for a bit this afternoon. Maybe it won't cost me as much!


The Fritz Facts 9:45 AM  

Ticks give me the willies!! They are the only things that I can't stand at the cabin!!

The Orange Glo works wonderfully!! We use it all the time. The tackiness does need to come off, but the shine is wonderful!

Anonymous 10:43 PM  

We used the Orange Glo rejuvanator when we sold our house in Washington. It was awesome and saved us from doing some refinishing. In our new house I'm using BonAmi wood floor cleaner or Orange Glo cleaner depending on which I can find when we go to the big city.

Doug H 8:11 PM  

We did indeed find a non-rustic camp spot for the weekend. I did have to pull off 2 more ticks - they had dug in before I noticed them. Too busy knocking off the others. The grand total for the weekend was 38 for me and 29 for Jody's dad.

And all of these ticks managed to jump on in the time it took us to get out of the truck, and walk our proposed campsite to see how wet it was.

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