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Happy (??) Monday

>> Monday, February 04, 2008

Good (??) morning! It's Monday again. Right now I can hear the sleet hitting the windows and all I can think is how icky it's going to be running errands in slush.


I didn't post all weekend- a rarity for me. Need I say I was busy? Saturday my dad came over to fix some electrical wiring in our attic. After naps we cleaned up for a night out.

I had a restaurant evaluation to do. I must say that had I not had to do the evaluation of this particular restaurant (a steak place with TX in the name) we would have been out of there. They don't take reservations and noone was answering their "call ahead seating" (I later found out that there was only one person on that night who was trained to do that). Our quoted wait was 65-70 minutes, but it eneded up being 105 minutes. And, quite honestly, the food wasn't that good- steaks cooked incorrectly and the girls cheeseburger arrived having slid into the french fries. It amazes me that people wait that long for a seat at any restaurant, let alone a mediocre one...

Need I say they didn't get a glowing review?

Yesterday I had a day to myself- I spent 8 hours at Archiver's scrapbooking. I got quite a lot done (which is good as I am about 6 months behind) and have some fun pages to share later.

But for now I need to make my grocery list and actually prepare for the day. Spending yesterday away from home has put me behind.


Jennifer 6:47 AM  

I was your total opposite this weekend. Sat on my butt and did NOTHING!

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