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What's Your Mad Gringo?

>> Sunday, December 02, 2007

While at the baby shower yesterday talk turned to cruises. At first it was my mom talking about an Alaska cruise she went on a few years ago but conversation quickly turned to cruises in the warmer waters to the south.

My sister and her husband went on a cruise a few years ago. My brother and sister-in-law enjoyed one on their honeymoon. Even I, who am not a beach-y vacation person, took a cruise from Florida to the Bahamas, spent a week on the beach, and cruised back.

While in the Bahamas I wore Sarongs almost exclusively. Depending on how I tied them I could go from breakfast to beach to dinner with little more than a change of shoes.

I have to admit that I enjoyed that aspect of the beach-y life. So slow. So laid back. So relaxing.

So when I stumbled across the Mad Gringo website I had to smile when they admonished: “Don’t ignore your Mad Gringo. He might just do something crazy.” I love their Bubble Tea Adventure Full Pareo. So versatile. Almost like wearing nothing.

My Mad Gringo was a bit crazy, back then. That trip I spoke about was a spur of the moment getaway around Easter with two of my girlfriends. We were all ending relationships and desperately needed to get away from everyone. Never mind that it was a cold spring in Minnesota and the sun was a welcome and much-missed friend.

The thing I loved most about the trip, apart from the relaxation, was the fact that the entire crew on the ship was Latin. Latin boys like girls with curves. So while my two blond, skinny girlfriends had to struggle to carry their plates and drinks from the buffet I had the help of not one, but two lovely “cabana boys”… One with my plate, one with my beverage.

Ahhh, that’s the Mad Gringo lifestyle.


Far From Perfect 8:44 PM  

Mad Gringo? please explain?

Jody 9:21 PM  

Just click the sarong link. It's just a theme, really. Slow... Laid back... Relaxed... Bring me a fruity cocktail with an unbrella, please.

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