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Just for Her

>> Monday, December 10, 2007

I do the majority of my shopping online. I appreciate the ease of online shopping and the fact that I can do it anytime. There are so many others that feel that way that retailers court the online shopper with coupons and codes galore.

I was buying my paternal grandmother her annual Christmas flowers today and, of course, searched for the best deal. In doing so I came across a new coupon site- just for “her”.

Yep, coupon site designed for women. What a great idea! Honestly, I can’t believe I hadn’t seen one before. Anything for “her”. Check out these stores covered by HerCoupon.com. Purses… Shoes… Clothes… Travel… It’s all there.

I think one of my favorite things about this site is that it, of course, lists categories but it also breaks those categories into sub-categories. Like the travel category is broken down to car rental, cruise, flights and hotel. Logical, no?

HerCoupon also has exclusive coupons from companies you don’t usually find online savings from like BrushStrokes Fine Art, FreshPair.com and SpaLook.

Another neat thing on HerCoupon is that you can join the online shopper community. You will get a newsletter to keep you up to date on all the savings and you can read and comment about all the deals.

And don’t think men are forgotten. Nope, there’s a HisCoupon.com, too. Not quite so much stuff listed there... Hmmm...


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