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A Change of Plans

>> Sunday, December 02, 2007

We actually had pretty big plans for this weekend. After the babyshower we were going to vacate town and head to the Amana Colonies for Prelude to Christmas. We had big plans to eat German food, have brunch with Santa, eat homemade chocolates and browse the shops.

Oh, it should have been a much needed family outing on our schedule- not someone else's.

But, no. We had a huge ice storm, instead. My mom came in early (about 6am) so she wouldn't have to drive in the nastiness. Brenna was, of course, thrilled that Grandma was here to play with her. Because, you know, that's what Grandmas do....

The girls had pajama day and we really didn't do much. In hindsight it was good that we didn't go anywhere as I felt rotten (seems I haven't quite kicked the illness I had a couple weeks ago) and I was in bed by 7:30pm.

Today began about 7am with pancakes and OJ. I got almost all my Christmas cards addressed, stamped and ready to go tomorrow, as well as 3 packages. Brenna "helped" Daddy clear the ice from the sidewalks and driveway. Caelan didn't like being left inside and dragged her coat out of the closet and to me while chanting, "Daddy... Daddy... Daddy...". So she and I bundled up and "helped", too.

And tonight we decorated our Christmas tree and danced to Christmas carols.

It's the first year that Brenna has really cared to hang ornaments. And thefirst year that Caelan actually notices that there is a big tree in the room. Not that she cares overly much...

So I guess we really did what our initial plan was- a relaxing weekend together.


Anonymous 3:25 PM  

I love when my kids help decorate. Glad it all worked out.

Melody 3:30 PM  

It is great that you got your cards already to be sent out. I was hoping to have mine done by now I don't. The only ones I have sent are 5 that we sent over to Ireland because those had to go in November. Maybe I get some done tomoorrow. We will see. I am glad you guys had a relaxing weekend. I am sure the weekends will be quite busy for the next few weeks.

Anonymous 3:44 PM  

One more thing we have in common. Elvis.

Love him.

Listened to that exact disk as we were decorating the tree. ;)

*An Iowa Mom*

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