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'Night 'Night

>> Wednesday, December 05, 2007

So, it's been an exciting day, as you can see by all the posting I did.

In all honesty I have a list of posts I want to write as well as a few paid opportunities that I would love to take the time to tell you about.

But my day began badly and, though it didn't get any worse, it didn't get much better. Caelan napped twice and I had hoped to pursue that same avenue of escape but Brenna's idea of relaxing in bed with mommy begins with full on cuddling which progresses to playing under the covers which becomes bouncing. She then exits the bed so I can only half-rest (if you're a mommy you know exactly what I mean) and runs in to give me updates every few minutes:

  • Mommy, I turned onthe TV.
  • Mommy, Gabba Gabba is on. I like it.
  • MOMMY! Gabba Gabba is on!
  • Mommy, can you fix this?
  • Mommy, can you fix this again?
  • Mommy, I got a hot dog but I can't get it in the microwave. (WHAT!?!)

On and on. Not so relaxing.

So I am going to forgo any more detailed posts- I have some good ones in the works- and money making opportunities for a warm bath and Project Runway from the comfort of my bed.

If I can stay awake that long...


Anonymous 8:46 PM  

Hope you can get that warm bath! I remember well those kind of days with toddlers. I still have them, they just come in different forms!

lila 8:32 AM  

Checking in with my Project Runway buddy.
Thank God for Tivo--I will be watching with my granddaughters tonight.

Between keeping warm and digging out of snow and ice--I have not had time for much else.

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