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A Bag Built for Organization

>> Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I am a crazy organized person. Oh, you may not know it sometimes, but I am. In preparation for our trip to Ireland I have been buying luggage. Hey, it’s on sale right now… My plan is that we will take three 27” rolling bags (technically they can be carried on, but we will check them) for clothes for the four of us (four days worth and we’ll do laundry once) and then a carry on for each of us. We will, of course, ship items ahead to avoid too much hassle at the airport. I’m all about traveling light.

I still need a bag for while we are roaming the countryside. I want it to be small-ish but have lots of room. And, being a freaky organizer, I want it to have pockets for all the things I’ll be carrying- my wallet, camera, video camera…

I saw the Buxton Bag and think it may be just what I am looking for. It has lots of zippers and compartments so I can keep everything just the way I like it- organized. And it comes in black, red or tan which I appreciate as most bags like this only come in black. And I rarely wear black.

C’mon, I’m not so crazy organized that I will carry a black bag with brown shoes.


Anonymous 8:46 PM  

I hardly ever watch TV, but the commercial for this bag is one that caught my eye. It looks great, especially for traveling. Please let us know how you like it after you've used it a bit!

cchuff 8:12 AM  

I saw this on tv yesterday and actually thought it looked pretty handy. Will be especially good while trying to keep track of the girls.

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