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Happy Day After Christmas

>> Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Our Christmas day began quietly enough... The girls slept until 8am. It was lovely.

When they did wake Brenna wanted to know,immediately, if Santa had been here, so downstairs we went. Lucky for Doug & I, Santa had made an appearance and left a big toy to share.

The girls were quite happy bouncing around on that toy- until we reminded them that there were more presents to be opened. They did well with Brenna receiving a Vtech digital camera from Caelan and a pair of Dora roller skates from mommy & daddy and Caelan getting a count & learn piggy bank from Brenna and counting maracas from mommy & daddy.

There were, of course, assorted gifts from family down in Texas and a few fun things in stockings. It was difficult to tear them away from all the fun stuff for breakfast- but Pumpkin French Toast was on the menu and Doug & I were hungry.

Late morning and early afternoon were full of fun and play. About 4pm my family began to show up and more Christmas merriment began (helped along by champagne and appetizers).

Too much food was eaten, much champagne was drunk (quite a bit by me) and gifts were opened and played with.

By the time everyone left and the girls were put in bed- about 8pm- I was exhausted. Only the minimum of cleaning was done and I was in bed and fast asleep by 9pm.

Today is beginning a bit rough. Although the girls slept like logs, Caelan seems like a nap will be necessary quite soon and Brenna is a bit whiney. It may be a long day...


Tamara B 2:59 PM  

I have been MIA and its good to read an update. Merry Christmas!

Erin 1:37 AM  

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas!!!

lila 8:25 AM  

I am glad you had a nice Christmas Jodi!
Happy New Year!
Sorry I have been somewhat absent these days--this yr was a hard one for me.

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