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Merry Christmas Iowa Mom!

>> Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Not just any mom, An Iowa Mom makes me feel almost lazy! She manages a home with four kids and a husband- and just as many websites! She's crafty and funny and a bad singer according to her latest post.(hmmm, we seem to have lots of similarities!)

I believe we "found" eachother from perusing comments on blogs we both read. Which led to this little bloggy friendship we now share.

Maybe someday one of us will organize an Iowa Bloggy gathering at a hotel where we can gather more of our bloggy friends, drink girly drinks and share more stories about our kids and husbands... Because you know we don't share near enough!

Merry Christmas Iowa Mom!


Anonymous 3:21 PM  

I'm so all over an Iowa Bloggy Get Together. :) Maybe this spring. That would be awesome!

Thanks for the "love". Happy Holidays to you and yours.


*An Iowa Mom*

Sincerely Iowa 6:38 AM  

Me too! I'd be up for an Iowa Bloggy get-together! I'm stumbling onto all kinds of blogs that are written by Iowans, and I never knew there were so many!

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