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>> Tuesday, December 04, 2007

OK, I wish I had known about this a couple of weeks ago. You see, we had need of several USB flash drives to load photos on and send out to various relations with their Christmas gifts.

If I had only known I could get Personalized Flash Drives I would have been all over it!

Come to think of it, it may not be a bad idea to go ahead and order some since the idea is to have them “exchange” the drives with me every few months for drives with updated photos. Then I wouldn’t risk sending the wrong drive to the wrong person. I'm pretty sure my grandmother has no interest in Doug's mom's relatives...

I’ll also have to show this to my resident geek. It’s something he would enjoy giving to his colleagues.


Anonymous 10:02 PM  

Hey, thanks! I just picked up a bunch of these personalized drives for Christmas gifts...and added one for myself :)

Anonymous 10:03 PM  

Well, I don't know why my name didn't show up there....it's me, Cindy, buying these things up!

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