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What to Do With All Those Files

>> Monday, December 10, 2007

Christmas is coming
Your camera disk is stuffed
Can you download to the computer?
Is there space enough?

What about the safety
In case of a crash?
Or one wrong gaming stroke-
Those photos could end up in the trash.

And what about those files-
Such important information.
Finances, addresses and email
Could end up in digital sanitation.

iBackup, iBackup, iBackup.com
Anywhere access, scheduled backups
Easy as CD ROM.

Editor’s Choice awards
Are lining the walls
And more high end features
Than you will find in malls.

A free trial
Is yours for the asking
Just go and sign up
No tsk-ing, no tasking.

iBackup, iBackup, iBackup.com,
online backup, online storage,
Trusted more than mom.
(Sorry, mom!)


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