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Resolution #1

>> Thursday, December 20, 2007

Friday is Doug’s last day at “the Farg”. And although I won’t miss his 70 hour weeks I will miss the paycheck that go along with them (the positive side of being a contractor is an hourly wage).

Thankfully Doug was approached by a company he used to work with a few weeks ago and agreed to work “as he could” until his contract ended. So he has another job in place.

But he will be putting in only 40-hour weeks. I’m really not sure what he will do with all his extra time. (Maybe he’ll try to take back his blog? HA! I think not!)

So I am reconfiguring the family budget. Of course you should annually check your insurance rates, how many of us really go out and get a new Home Owner Insurance Quote or auto insurance quote?

Yep, me neither. But come the first of the year I will be doing just that. I’ll be checking out the resources on FinanceGenius.com and using some of their handy tools to help guide my decisions.

I suppose it’s my first resolution.


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