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I'm Afraid

>> Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm afraid today will be bad. I usually look forward to Wednesday because Brenna spends the morning at school. But today she will be at home. Seems she gave Daddy the "I'm not tired" line last night while I was out and when I returned home shortly before 9pm she was still awake.

That makes for a whiney 3-year-old at 7:15 am. A clinging, sobbing 3-year-old that wouldn't let me shower. Which I desperately needed to wake up since Caelan was screaming for, well, I'm not sure what she was screaming for, but it was 5 am and I had to remove myself from bed and cuddle her for half an hour or so before she would quietly lay back down.

Have I mentioned that I am still fighting this nasty ick that I've had for weeks? Yep. I am pretty sure I still have the bronchitis but since my coughs are "productive"- read nasty infectious flem hacking and emitting from my throat (yummy)- I haven't been back to the doctor. I'm pretty sure a sinus infection is also involved as the yuck being blown from my nose is, well, equally attractive. I've been running a low grade fever for the past week, as well. Usually between 99 and 101.

Oh, and the girls have had nasty poo and are also hacking a bit and fighting nose ick. They were actually at the doctor again last week but have no infections or fever so the doctor says they are just fighting a virus.

Wow, that was a fun and uplifting post, no? Suffice to say that our plans for today are all shot to hell and we will be celebrating "Pajama Day" with mimosas (minus the champagne) and lots of sleep.

I hope...


Jill 11:02 AM  

The kids in Adam's daycare have had the stuff, too this week. I hope you start feeling better soon!

Marie 2:08 PM  

Ugh! Hope you're all feeling better soon...

I'm pumping my boy full of medicines right now -- for allergies and an infection. It kills me giving him all that pharmaceutical crap.

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