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Something I've Been Wanting

>> Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I mentioned a few days ago that a box of the Christmas treats I was making would be going to PayPerPost. I know that some of you probably think that odd, but I want to explain why.

Being a contractor allows Doug to make pretty good money. We live a nice upper middle class life. I am able to stay home with the girls and actually raise them.

Being a contractor also means that when a job ends there is no security. If there are no jobs available then Doug doesn't work. And no work = no money. So we try to live frugally and save for the rainy days to come.

So when I learned about PPP it was something I had a definate interest in. I enjoy writing and I love to learn about, well, almost anything. I really loved that I could accept or reject opportunities so I could stay as true to myself (and my readers) as possible.

Well, with the money I have made from PPP I was able to get something I have been wanting for about a year but just couldn't justify.

Yep, I bought an elliptical machine. Now I don't sit when I watch TV, I "ellip". And Doug is using it, too, in the mornings before he showers.

So, not only do I want to thank PPP for the opportunity to make some money from home doing something I enjoy, but I also want to thank all of my readers for coming by and checking out what I have to say. If you didn't stop by and leave me comments or emails I wouldn't still be here.

Of course, I do bribe you once in a while... And tomorrow is the big day. The biggest "bribery" gift so far...

And if you're interested in PayPerPost just click this little linky...


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