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On With the Weather Report

>> Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Well, the sleety rain has stopped and the snow is coming down. I really wanted to say something pretty like:
The snow is drifting lazily from the sky, blanketing the ground like a glittering quilt
But it really isn't. It's falling as hard as snow can in little, hard, round pellets. Not really even flakes.

And snow over ice... Yuck. Definately a danger. Thankfully we are all tucked snug in our home. Others of my clan aren't so lucky. My sister in law had to go in to work- someone actually came to pick her up. My brother Jarod is out somewhere working to restore power. There is no answer at my sister and brother-in-law's house and I am betting the same at my brother and sister-in-law's.

Caelan is napping, Doug is working from home (not a surprise) and Brenna is downstairs "working" as well.

I just pulled a load of stuff from the closet to donate to Goodwill. It is almost the end of the year and I have to itemize it all before it can be donated. New IRS rules... And I want the tax write off.


Jodi 1:04 PM  

I am so glad that storm went south and missed us. We have snow and I am already sick of that. It feels like February here the last two weeks (highs in the teens). I am ready for summer to come back. :)

I hope you see sunshine soon and life returns to normal. As much as winter will allow anyway.

cchuff 1:10 PM  

PTO day - no emergencies and I am staying in. Took a couple hours to clear the sidewalk and get the ice off the car. Spring can arrive any time.

Gabel Chiropractic Recipes 2:28 PM  

I am having a great time sitting at working catching up on all the blog stuff that goes on in the world.

I welcome snow and am happy that early Iowa winters are back. I guess I want Lily to see the kind of winter I did went I was little and playing with my cousins!!!


Glad to see you are okay with the ice sotrms and what not.

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