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Merry Christmas Bubbi!

>> Thursday, December 06, 2007

If I remember correctly Bubbi left a comment on the blog not long after I started writing. I think she initially found us through Doug's political writing and stayed after I took over.

Bubbi lives in the great vacation land of Wisconsin Dells; someday we plan to actually head up there with the girls.

Bubbi has a passion for Israel and loves her grandchildren deeply. She's always an interesing read- even if she does suffer from "senior moments"!

Merry Christmas Bubbi!


lila 5:52 AM  

Merry Christmas Jodi! What a great Idea and sweet as well.
Your right that I popped over here during Doug's political writing but if memory serves we met first when you and I and a few other ladies where posting politics. I can not remember the womans blog but we tried to do a blog with both left and right opinions.

I have to go back and see if I can find what we called that blog. Anyway--when it disbanded--I followed you :) here.

I am glad I did! Thankyou Jodi

Jody 7:10 AM  

Ah, yes! It was one Anita tried to start but the "left" ladies were into personal attacks. What a social experiment that was!

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