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Baby Geeks at Christmas

>> Friday, December 28, 2007

The youngest among us were, of course, very excited when it came time to open the gifts that had filled the tree as everyone arrived. Because we draw names there was only one gift per child so to draw out the gift-giving fun I asked "Who wants to help?"

And, behold, a line of youngsters all eager to hand out gifts. Not one to pass up a photo opp I grabbed my camera a snapped a couple pictures.

Caelan, it seems, isn't one to pass up a photo opp, either, and planted herself directly in front of my camera- front and center. Little ham.


Melody 12:26 PM  

That is a great picture, Santa's helpers. I love taking pictures of our littlest guy. After every picture he says "I want to see." Just another reason to love digital cameras.

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