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>> Friday, December 28, 2007

Doug and I had plans to go out for dinner with friends. As of a few minutes ago the plans were cancelled due to strep throat (not us).

So, my dilemma... We have a sitter lined up. We can still go out. And although I like Crave (the fondue room) I really don't want to go there. In fact, food just isn't interesting to me as it seems we've done nothing but eat this past week. And we still have a Christmas on Sunday and New Years Eve on Monday, both with pretty extensive menus. (Yes, I volunteered to cook. No, I am not complaining.)

What do you think? If you are around the Des Moines metro give me a suggestion for your favorite restaurant. Or should we catch the new National Treasure? What do you think?


Tamara B 9:49 AM  

I'd be up for tepanyaki - however you spell that word. You know, japanese food where they cook right in front of you. I'm pretty sure I've been to one around there but I just can't think of where it is. Its been a long time since Ames/DM was my playground. I'd also be up for the new national treasure movie. It looks good!

Sincerely Iowa 9:52 AM  

Both Taki or Ohana Steakhouse would be good, although trying to squeeze in there on a weekend could be tough.

If I were you, I'd catch a movie, have some yummy popcorn, and stop somewhere for coffee afterwards.

Jody 10:16 AM  

Since I'm not a huge fan of the whole Japenese steakhouse experience (we do it every year for my SIL's birthday and the food is "ok" but not sensational) I'm leaning toward the movie.

ANyone else?

Heidi @ Trendy Dollar 10:37 AM  

We've seen National Treasure. It was good, but somewhat unbelievable. (as in, you are really going to this much trouble just to clear a dead person's name?) Kids loved it, though.

I've heard I Am Legend is really good, but I haven't seen it.

I'm with you - eating food just doesn't sound good!

Jody 11:04 AM  

I've not really heard anything that makes me want to see I am Legend (as in "the book was better") so I am pretty sure I would be disappointed in it.

Melody 12:24 PM  

Personally I would go see the movie. I don't have any personal favorites for restaurants. Every time hubby and I try something new we end up not liking it. I guess I am just a Bennigan's kinda gal.

Jill 12:30 PM  

Well, obviously I'm not nearby to recommend any restaurant, but if I were you I'd head straight to Ames for a Saucy Southerner at Hickory Park...oh, and ice cream. So helpful, aren't I??? :o) Let us know what you do.

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