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Top European Travel Destinations?

>> Monday, December 24, 2007

The World is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. ~St. Augustine

Travel was not something we did much of as I was growing up. The farthest I ever went from home was to Dallas to visit an aunt. I *think* I recall visiting Mt. Rushmore as a child… But I could be wrong about that.

As an adult I have taken every chance at travel that has come my way. Doug and I have lists of places we want to visit- very long lists.

Because I am a “list maker” I love to see what other people put on their lists. HotelsByCity.net has lists of “Top 10” destinations ranging from beaches, water parks and theme parks to ski/snowboard destinations, Winter Vacation destinations and everything in between.

I, of course, was very interested in their Top 10 European Travel Destinations, just to see if any of our choices meshed.

Let's see, they list London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, Barcelona, Glasgow, Venice, Berlin, Brussels and Athens.

Doug and I visited London together about 9 months after we began dating. And I can honestly say that neither of us would have been heartbroken to stay there. It is a vibrant city filled with history and culture. We definately plan to return with the girls when they are older.

Paris, eh. My brother-in-law has to go there for work in February and, since he will be gone during my sister's birthday, she is going to join him. I suppose I will reserve judgement until they return.

I've had plenty of friends visit Amsterdam- but they went for the stuff that is legal there that isn't legal here. And although it appears to be a clean and friendly city it's not on my list.

Rome, on the other hand, is on my list. Being a history buff, Doug would love to explore the remains of the greatest empire in the world.

Barcelona intrigues me... I think it is #11.

Scotland is high on my list. Glasgow is emerging from it's industrial slumber and is welcoming visitors with open arms. It's a great university town and I look forward to taking the girls there when they are older.

Venice is probably quite beautiful. And I am sure we should get there before it falls into the sea... Or the sea overtakes it...

Back to the history... Berlin has lots of it. A divided city, it is not flourishing and welcoming visitors. The Pergamom Museum contains the Zeus Altar- completely reconstructed from fragments uncovered in modern-day Turkey. That's reason enough to have it on my list.

Brussels I'm not sure about. It seems to waver through the top end of my list. On one hand it is gorgeous and they make lots of chocolate. On the other... It's mainly a business center.

And their final choice is Athens. With one of the last of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World still in existence- as well as being surrounded by mythology- I can't imagine not wanting to visit.

So I agree with five of their top 10. What do you think?


Sally 8:42 PM  

Rome and Athens are definitely on my list of cities I want to see. I'm not such a history buff, but I'd love to see the beauty and eat some good food. =)

I've been to Paris and Amsterdam and through Brussels (just on the train though). I didn't care much for Paris, but it was the dead of winter and it's not a very pretty city in the winter -- people weren't that friendly either.

Amsterdam, on the other hand, was AWESOME! And we didn't touch any of those "legal" things OR touch foot in the Red Light District. It's a gorgeous city (it actually ahs more waterways than Venice), and the people are friendly, and there is food from all over the world. I would go back to Amsterdam in a heart beat!

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