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Beyond Pissed

>> Thursday, December 20, 2007

And not in that good British way. Nope, I am mad.

About a month ago, after much discussion and research, Doug and I decided to get and HSA to replace our current health insurance. We figured that even with a $5000 deductible plus the (much lower) premiums we would still be ahead. So a couple weeks ago we submitted the paperwork.

Now, I want to mention that the company that would be providing the HSA is the company we currently have insurance through. The company that approved Doug three years ago with no riders or additional questions about his health.

So you can imagine our surprise when he was completely declined due to "multiple medical conditions".

*blink* What?

So I called the customer service number. Now I knew that they couldn't tell me what was "wrong" with Doug but I knew I needed to get the necessary info to appeal this ludicrous decision.

What I didn't expect was to have them tell me that they can't even tell Doug why he was declined.

*blink* What?

But, if he calls he can tell them what treatment he has had and they can tell him if that was the reason for the decline.

"But he hasn't been treated for anything," I say. "You currently cover him- surely you can see that he isn't being - nor has he been - treated for anything."

"He currently has coverage?" the clueless customer service rep asks.

"Yes," I say, "For about three years."

So she gets our current policy info and confirms that, yes, he is currently covered. And no, she can't see any treatment that he is undergoing.

"Can't you just have the application reviewed?" I ask.

"You can request that in the appeal letter," she tells me.

I am so having Doug call and name every disease he can think of to see if he was declined for any of them.


sue 10:03 AM  

I get so sick of insurance companies. Gah. Best of luck with your struggle...

mama2dibs 8:50 PM  

Don't you just l~o~v~e insurance companies? NOT!!!

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