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Merry Christmas Meritt!

>> Tuesday, December 18, 2007

I'm sure that most of my readers already read Meritt on her CoffeeTalking blog or one of the others she has out in cyber space. She's a busy lady.

Meritt is also a a friend in real life. Her "CoffeeGirl" babysits for us and we attempt (but don't often succeed) to get together and actually talk.

We're cut from much of the same cloth (although I think she may be more of a perfectionist than I am) and you can bet that I am taking parenting tips from her for when my girls are older!

Go on over and wish her a Merry Christmas!


Blog Author 6:09 PM  

LOL... I don't think anyone came to visit me. :)

What is funny is that I always hesitate to comment on your blog because I try to keep anonymous on the net and I don't want 'too' many local roads to lead to me... hee hee. But I just have to say 'hey' sometimes.

I'm glad we're friends in 'real' life and love your girls so much I could squeeeeeeeze them! :)

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