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Vacation in a Winter Wonderland

>> Tuesday, December 04, 2007

When I lived in Minnesota it always amazed me how many people would travel long distances to go snowmobiling. I guess I just didn’t “get it”. Then again I don’t “get” skiing.

I do remember friends talking about a great Snowmobile vacation they took to Lanaudière, Quebec, Canada. They raved about it, well, all winter.

Lanaudière is the #1 snowmobile destination and includes first class lodging, restaurants and tourist attractions. It looks absolutely gorgeous and if I were a snowmobiler I would definitely be checking out what they have to offer.

For more information I offer this recent press release:

Lanaudière, Snowmobile Country,
announces the opening of 350 km of trails

For more than 30 years, Lanaudière has been a snowmobiling capital!

Rawdon, November 30, 2007 – Mother Nature has been busy during the past
week, covering the Lanaudière landscape with an average of 45 cm (18 inches) of
snow and more in the northern part of the region. Snowmobile enthusiasts can now
start their engines for a new season with 350 kilometres (161 miles) of trails
open in northern Lanaudière.

These are the areas that are currently
accessible, where conditions are good with new snow coverage:

Mont-Tremblant National Park (start at Pimbina entrance)
• Certain areas in
• Certain areas in Saint-Michel-des-Saints

For precise
and accurate information, contact the snowmobile clubs concerned directly (Club
Saint-Donat at 819 424-7988; Club snowmobile du royaume at 450 884-5762).

To find out about trail conditions (updated regularly), weather, touring
suggestions or order your free copy of our new snowmobile trail map, just visit
www.snowmobilecountry.ca or call 1 800 363-2788.

Please note that lakes
are not yet frozen over.

Tourisme Lanaudière reminds you of the
importance of driving safely and respectfully. Permission to pass through
private property is difficult to conserve and represents a privilege to users.
Respect for property and words of thanks to owners are gestures that are greatly
appreciated, and it is equally important to respect signs and trail markers.

Source: Maryline Lafrenière, Communication Agent
450 834-2535


Iowa Bob 12:04 AM  

Jody: Just read your comments over at Chris' blog. Great job Girl, always good to see I'm not alone. You did a great job.


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