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Pardon My Absence

>> Saturday, December 15, 2007

Things are getting all kinds of crazy around here. It's a mere 10 days until Christmas and busy doesn't begin to describe all the stuff we have going on.

My morning was spent "evaluating" a store and buying a birthday gift for my nephew. Brenna helped me make a few pretzel rods dipped in chocolate and crushed peanuts or crushed mint Oreos after lunch. The afternoon was spent at my sister's house for the birthday party and this evening was filled with dinner, baths and work on my travel website (more on that).

Tomorrow is church and then 3 different kinds of cookies to be made so Brenna can deliver them to her teachers and the ladies at the front desk of her school on Monday. I will also be taking some in to the place that takes care of our vehicles and the remainder will be going to the Chiropractor's office on Wednesday.

Tuesday is shaping up to be busy as last week's Mom's Group was postponed due to weather. I may skip it... and clean the girls' room.

Wednesday is Brenna's Christmas Program at school. Yes, a Christmas Program. Then lunch with my mom- and hopefully Doug.

I still have to buy a gift for my father. Ugh. I wish I could wrap up a good divorce attorney for him since he is refusing to hire one...

Doug is doing two presentations of caucus info on the next two Thursday evenings, so I'll be joining him this week, at least.

And Saturday will include Doug heading out to my Mom's with my brothers to do some work in her kitchen for her birthday and my sister and SILs coming over to work on a card box and cards for my paternal grandmother's Christmas gift.

Then we're back to Sunday... Church and getting ready for Christmas.

And Monday.... Getting ready for Christmas and Christmas Eve service at Church.

I wish it would end there... But no! More festive stuff to follow including hosting another family Christmas the following weekend and a progressive dinner right after the New Year.

So, about my travel website... As most of you know I have a "little travel blog"- link on the left. I've "upgraded" from the free Blogger to the free Go Daddy and have been busy moving photos (and adding website info to them) and making sure all my links work. When that is done (hopefully tomorrow) I will begin work on the actual website. And when that is done I will upgrade to a blog that I pay for to get rid of the ads that accompany the "free" blog site.

And why am I doing this? Well, I was getting quite a nice number of visitors who would email questions to me. So I figured I would take the next step and add more info that a blog really didn't let me provide. I'm really looking forward to this and hope that my ideas and what I am able to actually do will come out somewhat similar.

So all that "stuff" - plus regular mommy duties are really denting my time. I'm sure I'll be writing the "bloggy Christmas" notes well into the New Year.


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