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And the Movie It Is

>> Friday, December 28, 2007

Thanks to everyone for their input. In just a few minutes I will be purchasing our movie tickets online. :)

Tamara & Midwest Mom- I am not a big fan of Japanese steak houses. We go to Ohana every year for my SILs birthday. The food is "ok" but not something I go out of my way for. So I am going with your backup- the movie.

Green3- I heard that I Am Legend isn't as good as the book. They never are. And that really cancels out any book to movie production for me. The curse of reading too much, I suppose.

Melody- Anymore I can recreate almost everything we get at a restaurant (not that I always want to, mind you) but it has to be something I can't do for me to really enjoy a restaurant. I understand being disappointed... And we have gotten to "try" so many places since I "evaluate" restaurants in my spare time.

Jill- we love us some BBQ. But there is no way I am fighting the Friday night crowds at Hickory Park. That's more of a weekend afternoon stop for us. Did I mention there is a Cold Stone Creamery inside the mall by the movie theater? :)

And off I go to buy my tickets online. (Seriously, how convenient is that?!?!)


Iowa Bob 9:01 PM  


I know it's too late for tonights plans, but I really enjoyed "I Am Legend", although it is not easy to watch in some parts. It's always difficult to watch a one-character movie for too long, although that is broken up by flashbacks from time to time.

National Treasure is of course very entertaining, and I really enjoyed Charlie Wilson's War, as long as you are willing to suspend belief to the point that A democrat brought down the Soviet Union, and Reagan had nothing to do with it.

Enjoy your night out!

mama2dibs 3:09 PM  

I haven't read the book I Am Legend, but I know exactly what you mean about books vs. movies. I just can't do it.

Melody 8:39 AM  

Well, I definitely understand not wanting to fight the Hickory Park crowd and Cold Stone Creamery is certainly one of my favorite places at the mall.

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