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What to Do in Iowa When It's 15 Degrees

>> Saturday, December 08, 2007

Go outside, of course!

After our snow Thursday today was the perfect day to try out the hill in the back yard! Aunts, uncles and cousins came over and much fun was had.

Brenna, my snow bunny, loved every minute and lasted longer outside than anyone. And wanted to go out for more after lunch!
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Caelan wasn't really sure what to think. She didn't fuss and even seemd to smile a couple of times. And, no, she really can't move in that snowsuit.
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Marie 9:59 AM  

Too cute! We got to do that the other day too...

Fantastagirl 10:34 AM  

Why is it that the kids can last outside much longer than the adults?

They look they had a great time!

*carrie* 3:09 PM  

Such great pix, Jody! Our little guy is lovin' the snow--I stay inside and watch him play with his dad from the window! =)

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