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So Many Choices

>> Monday, December 17, 2007

I mentioned in a previous post that I am undertaking the –very slow- process of creating a website to accompany my travel blog. Well, I haven’t even began the website as I am still getting things moved from the Blogger format to another. Photos to tag and move to an online storage area, posts to copy, links to check…

So the actual website is actually not started. I actually just chose my host account the other day with http://www.webhostingchoice.com. It was a simple one-stop directory that helped me to decide what hosting site would work best for me based on costs, fees, space and bandwidth.

They also have a great quick start guide and an advanced search page if you are more advanced than, well, me.

It’s a great resource to use if you are looking into creating your own space on the web.


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