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Christmas Extravaganza

>> Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Tonight Doug, the girls & I will be attending a Christmas Extravaganza with Mitt Romney. Should be interesting. Watch here for photos and my thoughts.


Well,I don't have much to say. I really thought that it would be an intimate gathering of no more than 100 people. WRONG! Even though we RSVP'd we had no table and people who didn't RSVP but arrived before we did got seating. Now,I understand that you don't want to turn people away, but really, there were too many people packed into one ballroom. I'm sure fire codes were broken.

I'm also a bit sad because I had hoped to learn something about Governor Romney, maybe get a chance to ask him about the health care he passed in Massachusetts and what he thinks now that it has been in place a while. (I don't care for it. Because it is mandatory that you have health care insurance rates in MA have risen at least 15%. Businesses can't afford to keep providing it and individuals can't afford it so the state covers it. Hmmm, it's almost like universal healthcare lite)

We didn't stay long. Too many people and the "family fun" that was promised didn't seem to be forthcoming. I was disappointed.


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