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The Christmas Letter

>> Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I'm not sure when the Christmas Letter became an obligatory insert into the Christmas card or even who started it but if I were to find out I think I just might cut them down.

I really, really don't like Christmas Letters. With the exception of a few they are just too dull. If I am not so close to you as to know your month by month activities I don't think I really need a blow-by-blow at the end of the year.

I don't include them in my cards as anyone who cares enough about me can stop by and read all about what we are up to.

Because if the only time I am in contact with you is at Chrismas we aren't all that freakin' close anyway.

Thanks- I just had to get that out of my system.


Fantastagirl 7:24 PM  

Hate hate the blow, by blow letters...what happened to - Merry Christmas see you at Grandma's?

Unknown 9:02 PM  

I specifically left my letter out of my blogging friends' cards (yours for sure as I recall last year's discussion of this) as you all know far more about me than my family and have heard all the stupid humorous stories I include in the letter.

I'm not mentioning any names but every year I get this two page single spaced 10 pt. letter about how in love and how fabulous someone's life is...I usually take to it with a red pen to trim it down to what would have made an appropriate length and content letter.

jennhuff 9:26 PM  

so what you hate mine too? just kidding. you can hate it all you want that's your perogative. i try to keep it to a minimum since if anyone really cares they would call occasionally.

Iowa Bob 9:59 PM  

If there is one thing that zaps the Christmas spirit out of me, it's the christmas Letter. Yes your wonderful, yes your kids are wonderful, and yes, your pets are wonderful. Funny how Junior's indictment or Mom's DUI never seem to make the cut. AAARRRGGG....

Gabel Chiropractic Recipes 4:06 PM  

I must be an odd person in visiting here. I love Christmas letters. Time slips away and people don't get to call or visit as much as they would like to. So I am bucking the system. I LOVE CHRISTMAS LETTERS AND SNOW!!!;)

Marie 2:05 PM  

When I was a kid, my sister's and I would look forward to reading one particular family's letter each year. It was so over-the-top-braggy -- impossible not to mock! I have received some that are tastefully done, and I don't mind those. The braggy ones are ridiculous.

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