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Where's My Mail?

>> Friday, January 18, 2008

Did you know that the minimum the post office will hold your mail is three days? I find that kind of annoying. We like to have little getaways- leave on Friday, return Sunday. Only two days of mail service, but who wants two days of mail sitting out side just waiting? Especially during tax time if you get tax papers in the mail. That’s a lot of personal info just asking to be lost or stolen. And I am kind of freakish as I look forward to the mail when I’m home. It’s like an adult visitor come to save me from the sure insanity of sticky fingers and spilled milk. So there is no way I am going without it when I am home. Federal holidays are bad enough. Or days like today when it hasn't come yet. It's after 6 for the love of pete.

We have plans to use the leftover bricks that are under our deck to make a nice mailbox that we can put a locking mailbox into. And, you know, it’s not really that I am worried about someone stealing our mail, it’s more that I know our postal employees really aren’t that careful. I’ve found my mail on the ground before. Heaven forbid there is already mail in the box when they try to deposit more.

www.mailboxes.com has some really nice, secure mailboxes. Of course that would mean that anything that won’t fit in the slot will have to be brought to my door. Heaven forbid they have to get out of their truck...


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