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Baby, Baby! You're Here!

>> Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It took a while and I know mommy & daddy were wondering if you would ever join us on the "outside", but baby Zoe Lynne is here.

She arried at 7:19am, weighing 7 lb 4 oz and is 20 inches long. She spent the first bit of life crying- probably about the cold. Mommy is tired but doing well (She went into the hospital at 9pm Monday) and Daddy is very proud.

Here is Zoe just minutes after joining us:

Very proud Daddy holds his new bundle of joy:
Poor Mommy. She may kill me for putting this photo up.
Zoe enjoys a nap in Daddy's arms:
Sweet baby...
Congratualtions to Jarod and Amanda!


Melody 2:47 PM  

Oh, what a cute baby! Congratulations to them and your entire family.

cchuff 4:36 PM  

Took a while for her to get here, but she is a cute little bundle. Gramma Chris

Jen H 7:49 PM  

She's adorable. You guys did a great job!

I am pretty sure I would have been begging the Dr for a C Section before I hit 26 1/2 hours. You're a better woman that I am!

Meritt 12:53 PM  

Congrats J and A !!!!! I got a little teary eyed looking at the photos.

I can see she already has Daddy wrapped around her little finger... which is really, the perfect place to be.

Welcome to the world Zoe!!

mama2dibs 1:14 PM  

Is this their first? If so, the story is very familiar. We did the Friday to Sunday thing with our first. Tell them that it's ok to do it again...the second came in 13 hours versus 43 for us.

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