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Backyardigans, Influenced by.... Queen?

>> Tuesday, January 15, 2008

OK, I just saw that the New York Times had a review of last night's Backyardigan's movie Tale of the Mighty Knights.

We sat down and watched it with the girls last night, and it was on again this morning. (Which we have just finished watching. Brenna is now requesting we go downstaris to watch it again. Gotta love TiVo.) And, quite honestly, Doug and I had a few laughs. The egg jokes were great; it was scrambled, over easy, poached... The only thing that would have been better was if it had been named Benedict. And we laughed when the knights brandished flashlights in the dark cave.

But, was it only me, or did anyone else notice the music? It had a (very large) essence of Queen. I must admit, the guitar solo by Austin was pretty great. The "dragon's story" had a Meatloaf-story-in-a-song feel and left me wondering where that cassette went- and do I even have a cassette player in this house?

OK, I just found out there will be a live stage version of Tale of the Mighty Knights. Please understand when I say, I bet it will rock. Seriously.


Fantastagirl 7:46 PM  

Tink used to love the Backyardigan's - now that she is at daycare full time she doesn't and hasn't watched them, but a day without Tasha and Uniqua was a bad one!


I caught only a bit of it and I must say that I will probably see it a hundred more times. I will have to look/listen to see if I agree with you.

Lindy 5:25 PM  

I noticed it too... definitely caught a few snatches of Bohemian Rhapsody in there...


I watched again last night and it is defnitely Rock Opera esque. I did some research and found that Adam Pascal from the Braodway Musical Rent was the dragon and then it all made sense.

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