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Community Education

>> Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our local community education booklet came a couple of weeks ago. I always like to browse through it because there is usually some fun stuff in there- and it's relatively inexpensive to take the classes.

This offerings weren't too terribly different from normal: soap making, painting, glass making, pottery, spin your own yarn (ok, that's a bit granola for me), lots of computer classes, dancing classes (including Celtic step dancing), exercise classes, baking, investments, gardening, sewing, writing... You get the idea. Lots of stuff.

But there was one that really stuck out to me: Make a 19th Century Coffin by Hand. It's a two day class and the wood and materials are provided. It is being taught by the staff at Living History Farms, a local historical complex.

My question: What would you do with this? I know the price of a funeral is expensive and the cost for the class is only $214 so that would be a great savings on the coffin... So if that is your idea, I get it. But what would you do with the coffin until you died? Add shelves and display photos and knick knacks in it?


Monds & Mayberry 12:37 PM  

WOW! That is just plain crazy! LOL

Gabel Chiropractic Recipes 3:03 PM  
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Gabel Chiropractic Recipes 3:04 PM  

Jesse would love this class. LOL He was just asking a funeral director this summer if you could make your own coffin. Crazy but true.

Iowa Bob 4:27 PM  

Okay, making your own coffin is a little creepy, but is it any worse than buying a discount coffin at Costco? That just freaks me out.

My wife loves taking classes at the local community college, but if she signs up for this one - on top of all those true crime books she is always reading - than I think I have something to worry about.

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