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New Baby!!!

>> Monday, January 14, 2008

OK, she's not here yet, but my SIL is a week and a half overdue and her doctor will be inducing her tonight. So, sometime after midnight I will have a niece. This will bring the grandkid count to 3-3, a nice, even number.

***Amanda just called me. I get to be at the hospital with them- just in case Jarod needs a break. If all goes well I will get to hold a new little person before sunrise.

Before the big (late) arrival I got Jarod & Amanda one of my very favorite things: the Big Kahuna Changing Pad from The Essential Bebe.

And I got it in their brand new style: fun stripes on the outside with gorgeous toile on the inside (cushioned for baby's head) and the solid pink oilcloth (for the tukkis) can be wiped off.

I love mine and this one is just so gorgeous. And so well made. I highly recommend anything the ladies at The Essential Bebe create. Visit them the next time you need a baby gift.

PS- this is not an ad. They didn't pay me to say all this nice stuff. They just make great baby products.


Fantastagirl 8:54 PM  

I was always looking for something like that when the kids were little - she will enjoy it!

mrs. parker 8:31 AM  

That is a gorgeous changing pad- one of our friends is expecting soon- I'll have to check out that site!

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