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The Snows of Bagdad

>> Friday, January 11, 2008

This has been linked by several people I read daily. Snow fell in Baghdad.

Earth is always in the midst of climate change. It's how the system is put together. The sun has a variable output and is the number one factor affecting the temperature of the Earth. The number one factor affecting the distribution of that energy is the Earth's rotation - it's wobbly and hot or cold years in your area could be because Earth's relative tilt changed slightly. The number 2 factor affecting the distribution of energy is Earth's magnetic field. In times of high solar activity, Earth produces more magnetic interference that shields Earth from damage. Then we get to the atmosphere. Guess what? Of all of the greenhouse gasses (water vapor, CO2 and the like) in the atmosphere, less than 6% can be attributed to human and animal activity. That's right, every fireplace, every vehicle exhaust, every fart and exhalation we humans do amounts for less than 6% of the total. The rest comes from decomposition of soil and evaporation. It's the height of arrogance (and foolishness) to think that humans are responsible for climate change. I'll adjust my argument when we start putting solar shields in space to control how much energy reaches the Earth from the Sun and are able to adjusts Earth's rotation.

Also, CO2 is a lagging indicator of warming and Al Gore is the one that published the proof. Ever notice that the charts showing CO2 levels and global temperatures are never close to each other when Gore presents them? That's because when you do overlay them, it proves the opposite of what Gore (founder of a carbon offset scam...err...company) says. It proves that CO2 is independent from temperature and when CO2 does rise, it's usually after the rise in temperature.

Pat Sajak (yes, that Pat Sajak) is all over this one. I'm still waiting for answers to these questions.


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