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Sure, I've Got Things to Do...

>> Friday, January 11, 2008

If you’re here on a Friday afternoon you must be clicking around the internet looking for something fun to do. I should be doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen or even getting dressed. Yes, I’m still in my pajamas… What of it?

According to this quiz I am not addicted to money:

10%How Addicted to Money Are You?

Sell Structured Settlement

I also did one that says my blog is family friendly:

structured settlements

Structured Settlements

And another on that says I am 77% financially secure:

77%Are you financially secure?

Settlement Quotes - Structured Settlement

Head over to the quiz page and have a bit of fun.


lila 7:19 AM  

I passed the family friendly test :)
On another note--they are calling Thompsone the winner of the South Carolina debate!

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